Mark Kilian
Film Composer
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    Eye In The Sky - Gavin Hood’s new film on drone warfare reunites long time collaborators Paul Hepker and Mark Kilian to score this exciting new drama. Filmed in South Africa and set in Kenya, it tells the story of a single drone attack and all the complicated political issues and questions that come up in the planning and executing of such an attack. Starring Helen Mirren, Alan Rickman, Aaron Paul and Barkhad Abdi. Opens March 11.
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    Revenge Of The Green Dragons - Directors Andrew Loo and Andrew Lau had previously made the Infernal Affairs movies on which Scorsese’s ‘The Departed’ was based. So with Scorsese as executive producer, the two Andrews produced and directed this film based on a true story about immigrant Chinese gangs in New York city in the 80’s and 90’s. Using orchestra, duduk, electric guitar and some ethnic percussion Kilian scored this film with equal parts emotion and testosterone. Click here to check it out on iTunes.
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    Repentance - Phillippe Calland’s bi polar story stars Forest Whitaker playing a tortured and mentally unstable individual Angel Sanchez who seeks counseling from famous author Tommy Carter (Anthony Mackie). The score is as bi polar as the story is enticing you to care for Angel and develop a bond with him so that when the story turns it comes as a big surprise and the score then becomes dark and menacing with pulsing electronic percussion and textures with screeching strings and cacophony. The soundtrack can be listened to here.
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    Seal Team 8 was directed by Roel Reiné and was shot entirely on location in South Africa. Roel is known for his willingness to blow stuff up in a big way and this movie does not disappoint with plenty of action and almost none of it is CGI. Kilian approached this score much like a video game scoring the characters advancing through the different ‘levels’ of chasing and eventually killing the bad guys. Using an interesting hybrid of orchestral action music, African percussion and vocals, rock guitars and dub step elements, this is a rather unique and exciting blend that can be heard here.
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    Clark Gregg’s Trust Me is a clever and funny comedy with plenty of heart and soul. It follows the child actor’s agent Howard played by Gregg as he witnesses his rather sad life and career enjoy a day of wonder as his dreams land in his lap only to be taken away from him again. It stars Felicity Huffman, William H Macy, Sam Rockwell and Amanda Peet. It’s a bittersweet discourse on Hollywood and the people who inhabit it. The score was written to have a noir-ish character but with sn eccentric sound palette using gamelan, wine glass choir, happy drum and metal balafon amongst others. Listen here.
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    Starring Frank Langella, Rosario Dawson, Josh Harnett and Gina Rowlands, this end of the world story follows 3 couples and how they deal with the realization that they’re about to expire while heir stories intertwine as the film progresses. For the music Kilian wrote a very ambient score using bird sounds, sirens, female vocals and Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata played around 30 times slower and electronically manipulated to sound ‘otherworldly’.
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    Expecting - this tight indie comedy penned and directed by Jessie McCormack tells the story of Andie (Michelle Monaghan) who falls pregnant unexpectedly and decides that instead of having an abortion, she will give the baby to her best friend Lizzie (Radha Mitchell) who is unable to conceive with her husband. And big surprise, things go down hill from there! While it is a comedy, there is plenty of emotion and sadness in the story so the score had to be able to encompass that while not losing the comedy. Kilian used a bunch of ukuleles and smaller strung instruments like charango and mountain dulcimer to create the world these characters inhabit. Take a listen here.